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Arizona's Border Security

The crisis of lawlessness on our southern border must end. In just the first year of the disastrous Biden presidency, we have gone from border security being a priority -- by building a border wall and providing appropriate resources to support the manpower and the technology necessary to end illegal immigration -- to the Biden/Harris Administration's current open border policies: including cancelling construction of the border wall, inviting in millions of illegal immigrants, allowing a constant flow of illegal drugs, and abetting human trafficking. The crisis on our southern border is not sustainable.

Strong borders are the foundation of a country and are essential to our national security. I believe in securing our southern border through a wall or technology, as appropriate, and I support ending any incentives being used to encourage people to break our laws and come here and remain here illegally. I further oppose any taxpayer-funded benefits to those here illegally, and I would give all possible help to our Border Patrol, including use of our National Guard to support their work.






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