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Quality Schools and School Choice

My right to choose the best education for my child has been of paramount importance to me, and I have seen the benefits of school choice firsthand. All parents should have the same opportunity to choose the best quality education for their child. 

It is not enough to merely increase funding. Politicians brag about increasing funding, when what we need to do is to ensure those dollars get to the classrooms. We also need to ensure that funds are not spent on radical curriculum, including Critical Race Theory (CRT), "Anti-Racism," Intersectionality, Equity, or any other program designed to negatively imprint young minds with racist or anti-American propaganda.  

We need to continue expanding school choice to give parents as many options for their children as possible. Education, whether at the university level or the K-12 level, should not be limited to "one size fits all."  Parents know their children best and should be able to choose from different programs, different learning environments, and different school structures where their children are most likely to succeed. Let's let the free market do what it does best and provide countless opportunities so every child has a chance at a great education.








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